2nd Open call for innovative ideas

ZEVinnovation project team is pleased to launch an Open call – inviting innovators and SMEs to apply for support services in development of new and innovative ideas, technologies or services related to zero-emission vessels development and manufacturing


ZEVinnovation is a transnational partnership project funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation. The project is supported by multi-disciplinary partners from across the EEA committed to bring together best enterprises with a significant potential for innovation and development. The aim of the ZEVinnovation project is to establish a sustainable and efficient network for the development of innovative zero-emission vessels and related technologies that will bring together relevant and active stakeholders

About the pilot program

ZEVinnovation is bringing together the professional consortia to select and verify innovations’ uniqueness and potential, prove their business validity and support them in further development. The aim is to prepare selected ideas into real business cases and give training in innovation management and IPR. ZEVinnovation project team will provide to selected applicants networking and funding opportunities, legal and technology advisory, IPR management, business/marketing planning and professional development. The Pilot is based on the tailored service approach where each applicant chooses up to 3 support services which he needs most.

The Pilot program will run until the end of 2022 and it will facilitate learning and knowledge sharing through 1-on-1 sessions with mentors and experts. During this period, the selected applicants will make themselves available for 1-on-1 meetings with ZEVinnovation experts upon request. The number of hours of mentors/experts assigned to each selected application is limited by the budget and duration of ZEVinnovation project and will depend on the needs of each applicant individually.

Next Phases

The 4 best business cases (2 from Croatia and 2 from Poland) will go to the second phase of the pilot action, the joint development program, where they will have additional support from tech experts from the Norwegian maritime industry in order to facilitate the development of the final product or service

Who is it for?

The ZEVinnovation call is open to innovators and SMEs with innovative ideas or solutions in the maritime industry’s market for electric vessels and related technologies or services who are based in one of the eligible countries of the project: Poland and Croatia.

How to apply?

Register to ZEVinnovation HUB

Create your profile

Submit your application using the online submission form

Selection format

Project team members will evaluate and select the applications based on the following evaluation criteria:

The uniqueness, innovativeness and the quality of the proposed idea/solution

The market size, potential or readiness of the product

The management of the intellectual property rights (IPR) for the product

The feasibility of delivering the proposed solution in the maritime industry market

Up to 5 applications with the best innovation potential in each eligible project country, Poland and Croatia will be selected.


Additional cut-off dates will be published if a sufficient number of applications are not selected in the first round.

Register and apply your idea now!