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About Us

ZEVinnovation is a transnational partnership project funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.
The project is supported by multi-disciplinary partners from across the EEA committed to bringing together best enterprises with a significant potential for innovation and development.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring together members, interested in zero-emission vessels and related technologies, and provide lasting and tailor-made solutions to increase innovation ability across EEA. ZEVinnovation facilitates supporting innovators, SMEs, ROs, clusters and other organisations and help them with taking successful and efficient steps into managing innovation processes.

Our objective

The aim of the ZEVinnovation project is to establish a sustainable and efficient network for the development of innovative zero-emission vessels and related technologies that will bring together relevant and active stakeholders. Our main goal is that besides the funding through sponsorship, membership fees, EU funds and other grants, the ZEVinnovation HUB will be involved in networking, marketing, innovation, development and technology transfer.

Our Services

Technology advisory
Funding & Investments
Business support
Market analysis
Networking & Internalization
IP rights and Protection
Legal advisory.

The Project Timeline

Project No. 2018-1-1185 will run between July 2020 and January 2024. Extensive dissemination through a series of transnational events are planned. ZEVinnovation will associate professional stakeholders and provide them with networking opportunities, professional development and range of resources related to the zero-emission vessels and related technologies.


Number of stakeholders which entered the ZEVinnovation development HUB.


Number of selected project ideas from the ZEVinnovation development HUB which are going to receive: business support, innovation and manageemnt training and technical expertise.


Number of real business cases which will receive detailed business plans, transnational expert exchange, take part in networking events and joint workshops, start up and scale up programs


Number of applied patents which will recieve further tailored expertise, match-making consulting services and technical advisory in order to bring innovative products on the maritime industry's market.


Implemented by

Inovacije i razvoj d.o.o. Inovacije i razvoj d.o.o. Inovacije i razvoj d.o.o. Inovacije i razvoj d.o.o. Inovacije i razvoj d.o.o.

What Our partners say

Boris Cosic

ZEVinnovation hub aims to increase innovation, competitiveness and business development for enterprises.

Boris Ćosić,
Center of Technology Transfer Ltc.,

Lovro Frković

ZEVinnovation hub strives to enhance cooperation and improve mutual knowledge and understanding between the donor and beneficiray states.

Lovro Frković,
Center of Technology Transfer Ltc.,